These paintings are all for sale [unframed], with free p/p [in the uk]


i am also a framer, and a frame can be arranged if desired

All paintings are oil on canvas, unless stated otherwise.

The gallery is continually updated.

NOTE; since last november, i have been making my own oil paint, using the traditional method of grinding pigment or other powder with linseed oil.

Anyone living near enough [I live in Worcester] is welcome to visit and see the paintings in the flesh.

Please also browse my BARGAIN CORNER, selling off paintings very very cheap, mostly 1/4 or so of their original price.

Thank you for visiting my site.



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online art gallery

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online art gallery

online art gallery

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  1. Karen Nelson avatar
    Karen Nelson Sep 20, 2011

    I love your seas and trees. Particularly the play of light and shaddows.